CUNY Thomas Tam Scholarship

2016 Recipient

Kevin Park (Hunter College) 
Project: Campaigning for an Asian American Studies Major at Hunter College/CUNY

Mr. Park's project, calls for college administrators to establish an Asian American Studies Major/Department, and to create hiring lines for five full-time Asian American Studies faculty. “Asian American history, which is essentially just another aspect of American history, provides everyone with a better understanding of how intertwined the contributions and experiences of the APA community are in the context of U.S. history and its lasting impacts on the U.S. today.” Mr. Park’s campaign seeks to expand and stabilize the current Asian American Studies Program at Hunter College, to increase visibility for the CUNY Asian American community, and to ensure that CUNY students will have access to an indispensible interdisciplinary education that fill a critical gap in academia.

2016 Honorable Mention

Francesco Asano (Brooklyn College)

Project: Animal Advocacy or Cultural Imperialism? Asian Animal Rights Advocacy and Racialization


From the Taiji Dolphin Drive Hunt, Dog Festivals in Yulin, to the San Francisco Chinatown live market, Asian communities have been a prime target for animal rights advocacy, with campaigns often xenophobic, culturally imperialist and racially charged inventions in these communities. These inventions fail to acknowledge the existence of animal rights advocacy in these communities, as well as the genealogical necessities which animated these animal practices, such as post-World War II and nuclear warfare-induced poverty, socioeconomic disarray and structural racism.” Through his summer research in Japan, Mr. Asano will publish a paper analyzing the racial/cultural dynamics of animal rights activism, and serve as a bridge-builder of animal rights between the Asian and Asian American community.







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