CUNY Thomas Tam Scholarship

2014 Recipient

Baozhen Xie (Brooklyn College) 
Project: Health and Nutrition Tracing Project (HNTP)

An undergraduate student majoring in Health and Nutrition Sciences at Brooklyn College/CUNY, the goal of Ms. Xie's project, Health and Nutrition Tracing Project (HNTP), is to deliver basic health education and nutrition information to seniors to improve their ability to self-monitor their health, increase motivation to seek health assistance, and to facilitate a healthy lifestyle. As a volunteer health and nutrition speaker since October 2013 at Brooklyn Social Adult Day Center, Ms. Xie has observed a significant number of Chinese immigrants who experience health difficulties due to language barriers, cultural differences, and lack of education.

Ms. Xie's project, from April 2014 to March 2015, will collect data from ninety seniors from Big Apple Adult Day Care and Brooklyn Social Day Care Center, located in the Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst districts of Brooklyn, to assess their health and nutrition status, identify problems and provide appropriate health education and nutrition information. Ms. Xie designed a survey form that obtains information regarding finance, program assistance, insurance, medical records, physical activity, nutrition screening, nutritionist comments/suggestions, care plan, and nutrition screening appointments. At the end of her project, the data will be analyzed to generate health and nutrition care strategies for further projects and facility improvements.

This project will be monitored by Dr. Xinyin Jiang, Assistant Professor in Health and Nutrition Sciences, at Brooklyn College/CUNY.







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