CUNY Thomas Tam Scholarship

2010 Recipient

Zhong Yang (Baruch College)
Project: Helping Asian Students Get Into CUNY

In order to help Asian students who are applying to CUNY, I made a film with my friends and instructor. The film covers most of the procedures required for applying to CUNY, as well as the preparation needed before applying. It is very important for students especially for new immigrants to apply to college. I want to make sure that excellent Asian students have a chance to become enrolled at CUNY in order to obtain an advanced education. This film consists of eight parts.

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2010 Honorable Mention Recipients

Due to the impressive list of projects submitted for consideration for the 2010 CUNY Thomas Tam Scholarship, the family of the late Dr. Thomas Tam has announced that they will be making an additional contribution to support the award of $250 Honorable Mention Scholarships to each of the following two students:

Sum Ming Yu (Queensborough Community College)
Project: We Are New York

Dat Huynh (Queensborough Community College)
We Are New York

All of the 2010 CUNY Thomas Tam recipients will be honored at AAARI’s 9th Annual Banquet on November 4, 2010, at Jing Fong Restaurant in Manhattan’s Chinatown. We hope you will join us that evening to congratulate all of these fine students on their leadership and support of the Asian American community.







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