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Asian American / Asian Research Institute
"The Beginning" - Promotional Video
(Running Time: 6 Minutes, 5 Seconds)

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-Credits -

Scriptwriter, Editor, Soundman: Antony Wong
Chun Lee, Thomas Tam, Antony Wong
Eric Williams
Production Assistants:
Ana Lai, Annie Pongsrirojana
Executive Producer, Director:
Thomas Tam
Matthew Goldstein, James Muyskens, Dr. Joseph Scelsa, Ned Regan, CUNY-TV
Music Composed by: Hsin-Jung Tsai
Music Played by: Hsin-Yi Wang (Cello), Chi-Ching Lin, Joe Mignanelli (Percussion), Yi-Huan Shih (Vocal)

Behind the scenes of AAARI: The Beginning

Radio announcer-reporter Mr. Eric Williams prepared
for his narration of AAARI: The Beginning

Antony Wong, script writer/cameraman/soundman, focused
on the sound quality of Mr. Eric Williams' narration

[The following are some of the attendees of the AAARI / AAHEC retreat who were interviewed for the promotional video.]



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