July 20, 2017
EEO Program Analyst

Civil Service Title: Community Coordinator

Location: 253 Broadway, New York NY

Salary Range: $ 50,362.00 - $ 78,177.00 (Annual)

Job Description

The EEO Program Analyst is a professional, responsible, consultative position with the responsibility to analyze, evaluate and monitor the EEO programs, practices, policies and procedures of medium to large City agencies for compliance with city, federal and state EEO laws and policies. Duties and responsibilities for this position include, but are not limited to:
• Examine and evaluate agencies’ employment/EEO programs whenever initiated by the EEPC or requested by the Civil Service Commission or City Human Rights Commission;
• Conduct comprehensive audits of agencies’ employment/EEO programs, and focused audits of programs with specific EEO-related issues;
• Review and analyze agencies’ affirmative action/equal employment opportunity programs, provide technical assistance in their implementation through compliance reviews, and advise agency personnel in relevant EEO laws and regulations;
• Analyze EEO complaints, annual EEO plans and quarterly reports and develop investigatory plans including, but not limited to, conducting fact-finding conferences;
• Analyze employment statistics concerning discrimination in employment, in the areas of recruitment, hiring, promoting, training, and terminating, and complaint investigation;
• Administer surveys and conduct interviews with EEO personnel and others involved in EEO program administration;
• Prepare written determinations after analysis to support findings/conclusions and devise recommendations for corrective action to address areas of non-compliance as per the EEPC’s City Charter mandate;
• Monitor implementation of corrective action by collecting documents, reviewing progress and ensuring attainment of established guidelines;
• Represent the EEPC at public hearings and audit-related meetings in the capacity of consultants and serves as a resource to agencies for audit findings and recommendations;
• Participate in the collection and analysis of data related to the EEPC's mandate on such subjects as population, labor force trends, and attitudes on various ethnic or cultural groups in city employment, etc.; and
• Analyze employment statistics concerning discrimination in employment in the areas of interviewing, hiring, promoting, training, and terminating, and complaint investigation.

Minimum Qualifications

1. A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college and two years of experience in community work or community centered activities in an area related to the duties described above; or
2. High school graduation or equivalent and six years of experience in community work or community centered activities in an area related to the duties as described above; or
3. Education and/or experience which is equivalent to "1" or "2" above. However, all candidates must have at least one year of experience as described in "1" above.

Preferred Skills

1. At least one year of full-time experience researching and analyzing employment practices.
2. Demonstrated knowledge of one or more of the following: the New York City Charter; the New York City Human Rights Law; mayoral/non-mayoral EEO Programs; Citywide EEO policies/discrimination complaint procedures/personnel rules and regulations; the Americans with Disabilities Act and its Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities; New York State Civil Service Law; Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures; and relevant City, State, and Federal EEO laws.
3. Full-time experience and/or education in labor/industrial relations, EEO investigations, civil rights law enforcement, personnel/human resources which includes credits in administration.
4. Strong analytical, research, communication and organization skills.
5. Ability to produce high quality analytical presentations upon request.

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