October 9, 2015
AAARI Co-Founder, Betty Lee Sung, Publishes Memoir at Age 90

AAARI co-founder, Betty Lee Sung, has published her memoir, Defiant Second Daughter: My First 90 Years, available on Amazon.

Betty Lee Sung is a leading authority on the Chinese in America. Her first book, Mountain of Gold, was a pioneer in its filed and laid the foundation for Asian American Studies at City College of New York in 1970. She remained at the college until her retirement in 1992, having advanced to Chair of the department. In 1994, she completed a database of the Chinese immigrant records in the New York Region National Archives. In 1996, she was awarded at honorary doctorate, Doctor of Letters, from State University of New York Old Westbury, where she gave the commencement address. She is active in may organizations and has been honored by the Cosmopolitan Lion's Club, the Organization of Chinese Americans, the Asian American Higher Education Council, the American Library Association, the Chinese Communities in Houston and Philadelphia, and many others. This is Betty's ninth book.

You can also read Betty's interview regarding Asian American Studies at CUNY in the latest issue of CUNY FORUM, Volume 3:1. Autographed copies of Betty's memoir will be available at AAARI's upcoming annual gala for auction.





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