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  2/20: President Obama Offers a Lunar
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  2/25: Medical Office Manager
  2/25: Distinguished Events
  Development Manager

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Summer 2015 White House
  Initiative on AAPI Internship Program

  2/27: Butler-Williams Scholars
  2/27: CUNY Thomas Tam Visiting
  Professor in Asian American Studies

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  3/9: Dancing with the Bird
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  3/17: Literati Painting - A Genre Unique
  to Chinese Culture

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  February 4, 2015
  The Political Activism of Sikhs in
  Canada and the United States

  Co-Sponsored Event - Video Online

  February 20, 2015
CUNY Asian Faculty & Staff:
  Spring Festival Reception

  Photos & Video Online

  March 11, 2015
Current Challenges to Ethnic Media in
  New York: With Joe Wei and Angelo 
  Co-sponsored Event

  April 22, 2015
Navigating Alliances with AAPIs:
  Ethnical Dilemmas and Values of
  Community-based Research
  Co-Sponsored Event

  May 29, 2015
  CUNY Asian American Film Festival
  Submissions Due: 5/8/15

  Spring 2015
  CUNY Thomas Tam Scholarship
  Submissions Due: 6/30/15

  November 19, 2015
AAARI 14th Annual Gala
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Evening Lecture Series

March 6, 2015
Chinese Immigration and Poetry at Angel Island and Ellis Island
Judy Yung

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March 27, 2015
Modern Societal Impacts of the Model Minority Stereotype

Nicholas Hartlep


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December 15, 2014
Tales From the Fields: Research Methods and Approaches in the


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