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  10/11: A New Generation of Therapists
  Is Fighting Asian-American Mental
  Health Stigma
  10/11: Trump Immigration Cuts Would
  Hurt Asian American Families

  10/11: Diversifying CUNY's Leadership
  - a CUNY-Harvard Consortium
  10/12: Robert H.N. Ho Family
  Foundation Greater China Research
  10/12: China India Scholar-Leaders

Screening - Resistance at Tule
Language Study, Our Present
  Global Community - In the Case of

Pan Yu Liang - A Chinese
  Painter in Jazz Age Paris

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  Spring 2017
  CUNY Thomas Tam Scholarship
Winner Selected

  Fall 2017
  CUNY Ethics and Morality
  Essay Contest
  Submissions Due: 11/3/17

  October 19, 2017
Screening - Snakeheads: Chinese
  Mafia & the New Slave Trade
  Museum of Chinese in America

  November 30, 2017
  AAARI 16th Annual Gala

  RSVP Deadline: 11/22/17
  Journal Ad Deadline: 11/17/17

  May 25, 2018
CUNY Asian American Film Festival


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Evening Lecture Series
October 6, 2017
How to Understand and Consult the Ancient I Ching
Geoffrey Redmond

Video Online

Upcoming Lecture
October 20, 2017
Dietary Beliefs & Obesity Prevention Behaviors of Chinese Americans on the East and West Coasts
Doreen Liou


Past Events

March 16, 2017
Unsettled: The Cambodian
Refugee in the NYC Hyperghetto

May 23, 2017
Building Coalitions & Coalescing a Pan-Asian/Pacific/American Identity

August 3, 2017
Buddhist Talk on Meditation,
Diligence & Wisdom


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