CUNY Conference on
Building Coalitions & Coalescing a
Pan-Asian/Pacific/American Identity
Date: Tuesday, May 23, 2017     Time: 9AM to 4PM

Place: CUNY Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue, Concourse Level, Manhattan

Free Admission
Light Breakfast & Lunch Provided


In the face of such a panoply of identities, forming a pan-Asian/Pacific/American identity has historically proven to be difficult and complicated. AAARI's conference will explore these challenges and complexities while also identifying and assessing historical instances of successful panethnic coalition building. Ultimately, this conference will provide an intersectional framework and understanding around how APA activists can center frontline leadership and the struggles of the community with which they are standing in solidarity.

Keynote Speaker
Dr. Paul Watanabe, Director of the Institute for Asian American Studies and Professor of the Political Science, College of Liberal Arts, University of Massachusetts-Boston

  • Contested Transformations: Trump, Asian Americans, and the Challenge of Change


  • Forging a Pan-Asian Identity: Complexities, Challenges, and Complications

  • Solidarity in Action: Lessons Learned

  • Moving Forward: Organizing and Mobilizing Around Differences and Similarities

  • Peter Kwong in Memoriam: Friend, Scholar, Mentor and Community Leader







Coalition Building



Topic Abstracts


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