2014 CUNY Conference on
Asian American Economic Empowerment:
Date: Monday, September 29, 2014     Time: 9AM to 5PM

Place: CUNY Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue, Concourse Level, Manhattan



Featured Keynote Speaker: Mohamed Khalil, Financial Strategist, Innovator and Entrepreneur

Mohamed Khalil has 15+ years of experience in financial services strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship. In his current role as Head of Product, Data & Partnerships at Moven he is responsible for developing an industry leading mobile payments and money management solution that fundamentally disrupts traditional banking paradigms.  Moven won a 2013 Finovate London Best in Show upon its debut and in September 2014 announced a distribution partnership with Westpac New Zealand.


Entrepreneurs often fail to do the things that are needed to scale a business for growth. AAARI's 6th annual economic empowerment conference will provide you with reality based tools and skills to scale up and grow your business.

Session topics include:

  • Money for Your Business

What's the difference between debt and equity financing? What are the alternatives? How is this connected to what your goals are as an entrepreneur? What are the consequences for your decision whether it's crowd funding, angel, VC money or loans?

  • Social Media

Establishing a Following and Creating the Buzz Entrepreneurs. Companies need to tell their own stories on media, and not let themselves  be defined. What does it take to tell a story, develop a following and how do you leverage this to create the buzz that grows your business.

  • Get Out of  the Weeds and Lead

Are you focusing on the right things? What are you doing with your days? Learn how to get out of the weeds, and focus on the things that will allow you to lead your organization to growth.

  • Founders vs. CEOs

Are you working for the business, or is it working for you? That's the difference between a founder and a CEO. Hear from entrepreneurs who have transitioned from founder to CEO.

  • Effective Networking

It's not about handing out business cards and linking on line, it's about meeting resources, partners, mentors and those who will help you grow your business. This session will give you skills to get want you want out of every networking opportunity.

Conference Organizers
Asian American / Asian Research Institute - CUNY
Asian-American Entrepreneurs Network


Disclaimer: The information provided at this conference is for educational purposes only, and in no way represents legal, financial or tax advice. Individuals are advised to consult their attorneys, or other professionals for guidance.




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