Time: 6PM to 8PM

Place: CUNY Graduate Center - Martin E. Segal Theatre
365 Fifth Avenue (Corner of 34th Street), Manhattan



2010 Winners & Runner-ups

Fiction Film

  • Winner: Behold the Swelling Scene - MunJong (Arckii) Kim  (Brooklyn College)

  • Runner-up: Antithesis -  Jon-Carlos Evans (City College)

Documentary Film

  • Winner: Struggle for Existence - Laurie Sumiye (Hunter College)

  • Runner-up: Undocumented Hope - Tanvir Toy (Brooklyn College)

  • Honorable Mention: Nurturing the Hybrid Identity - Sudip Shakya (Brooklyn College)

Experimental Film

  • Winner: Boundary - Pyeunghun Baik (Brooklyn College)

  • Runner-up: Ball - Jung Eun Kim (Lehman College)


Since 2004, the CUNY Asian American Film Festival (AAFF) has recognized and awarded over $5,600 in cash prizes to student filmmakers enrolled at the City University of New York, including City College, Brooklyn College, Hunter College, and the College of Staten Island. The CUNY AAFF helps to promote the artistic visual talents and stimulate communication among CUNY students who are separated by the different campuses spread across the five boroughs, and serve as a central location to display their creative works among colleagues involved in the same field of study and interest.

AAARI encourages all currently enrolled (or recently graduated in Fall 2009) CUNY undergraduate and graduate students, Asian and non-Asian, to participate in this great opportunity. Winner ($200) and runner-up ($100) prizes will be awarded for each of the following categories:

Fiction | Documentary | Experimental

On the evening of the Festival, all winners and runner-ups will remain anonymous until after a screening of selected films that have been reviewed by our distinguished panel of judges. Following the screening will be an award ceremony and Q&A session with the winners and runner-ups.

Guest Speaker: Tze Chun (Director-Writer, Children of Invention)

Winners* of the 7th Annual CUNY Asian American Film Festival will also have the exciting opportunity to have their films screened at the 33rd Asian American International Film Festival, organized by Asian CineVision, taking place in July 2010.

* Winners may or may not include Honorable Mention recipients, depending on time limit imposed by Asian CineVision's Film Festival schedule.




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2010 Film Festival

Festival Program

Festival Chairman
Vinit Parmar

Panel of Judges
John Acosta
Young Cheong
Yunah Hong
David Hou
Herman Lew
Leslie McCleave
Terry Park
Vinit Parmar
Saadia Toor

Asian CineVision
Drama Fever
Subway Cinema

William Tam

Technical Assistance
Antony Wong
Zhu-Hui Wu

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