2006 CUNY Conference on the
Well-Being of Asian American
Senior Citizens

Date: Friday, May 12, 2006         Time: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Newman Vertical Campus - Baruch College, CUNY
55 Lexington Avenue (E. 25th Street), Room 14-250,
between Lexington &  3rd Avenues, Manhattan

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Asian American senior citizens are a growing population. Many of them live in poverty, with arrangements that render them alone, and without strong social support. There is a prevalence of depressive symptoms, yet cultural and language barriers limit their access to care. In the crowded urban setting, many also become victims of crime and pedestrian traffic casualties.

  • Coming from a tradition where the elderly citizens enjoy typical respect, how can a support system be built for the immigrant community? 

  • How can intergenerational communication be improved across cultures? 

  • How can service providers acquire cultural and language competence to bridge the gap? 

  • How can messages be developed to target the Asian American senior citizens?

  • How can policy and decision makers participate in the creation of a safe and healthy community that prize the well-being of their elderly?

News Headlines
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"Two of the Ten Most 'Dangerous' Crossroads Are in Chinatown"

"82 Year Old Chinese Woman Crushed by Truck"

"Old Chinese Woman in Serious Life Danger from Car Accident"

"LMDC Raised 12 Suggestions to Improve Chinatown Traffic"

"Community Representatives Suggest the Construction of Pedestrian Bridges"



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Well-Being of
Senior Citizens


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Conference Chairperson
Betty Lee Sung

Conference Co-Sponsor
Asian Americans For Equality

Asian American Higher Education Council

Brookdale Center on Aging -
Hunter College, CUNY

Chinese Consolidated
Benevolent Association

NYC Department
for the Aging

Organization of Chinese Americans - NY Chapter

Transportation Alternatives

Weissman Center for International Business -
Baruch College, CUNY

Maggie Fung

Technical Assistance
Phillip Li
Lawrence Tse
 Luisa Wang
Antony Wong


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