Celebrating the Year of the Dog
Presented by the KBCC Asian Society
Featuring China Dance NY

Date: Tuesday, April 25, 2006         Time: 12:30PM

Kingsborough Community College, CUNY - Mac Theater
Directions to Kingsborough Community College, CUNY

Dance Program

Counselor Lisa Wong / Ruby Chen
Faculty Advisor / Asian Society President

Hon. Wellington Chen, Member of the CUNY Board of Trustees

Bamboo Bells
Bei Zheng, Lei Zhou, Jiangzi Zhao and Hangdong Xu
Sharp, bold sounds punctuate the air with each movement as new rhythms and dynamics evolve from this traditional dance style of southern China.

Double Monkey
Binzhai and Yibin Huang
This mythical tale is adopted from one of China’s four celebrated epics, Journey to the West. The Monkey King encounters the Turtle Marshall and the Prawn General and demonstrates his humorous yet fierce fighting skills against them. 

Hubei Fan
Bei Zheng and Lei Zhou
This rural folk dance from Hubei province is known for its distinctive ‘flicking’ of silk fans .

Peking Opera Demo
Binzai, Yibin Huang and KCC Students

Sword Dance
Jiangzi Zhao, and Hangdong Xu
Combining dramatic gestures and movement from Chinese classical theater with martial arts swordplay, the sword dance depicts the fierce nobility and powerful grace of warriors in ancient China.

Morning Song
Lei Zhou
As a new day begins, a mountain girl starts her daily duty. In this distant Village far from civilization, she enjoys the simple pleasure of rural life.

Erhu: Xiangyun and Saima
Wenjie Xia
Classical Chinese Music

Red Ribbon Demonstration
Della, Hangdong Xu and KCC Students

Red Silk Ribbon Dance
Bei Zheng; Lei Zhou; Della; Jiangzi Zhao; Hangdong Xu
Waving yards of bright silk, the dancers create a visual stage collage of circles, swirls, and curlicues.

For more information on China Dance NY, please visit www.chinesedance.org

The Asian Society

The Asian Society focuses on sharing Asian Culture with the college community through a variety of programs.

Past programs have included an Annual Asian Cultural Performance at the MAC. This performance involved both students and professional performers. It promotes the richness of the Asian Culture through a combination of historical narratives, silk, sword and fan dances. Other activities have included food fairs, martial arts exhibitions, and participation in college wide charity fund raising and inter-club activities.

Meetings are usually held once per month during the fall and spring semesters and are announced in college newspapers and flyers. For further information please contact the faculty advisor, Professor Charlie Kee of the Department of Business at (718) 368-5555



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Dance Program
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