2003 CUNY Conference on
Education: Challenges & Perspectives

Confucius, the model educator of Ancient Asia

Date: Friday, May 2, 2003          Time: 8:15AM to 4:30PM

Newman Vertical Campus - Baruch College, CUNY
55 Lexington Avenue (E. 25th Street), Room 3-150,
btwn Lexington &  3rd Avenues, Manhattan


"When the great Way is adopted, the world will belong to everyone. The kind, just, and competent will be elected. Mutual trust will be promoted and friendly relations developed. People will love not only members of their own family, but will extend their love to others in society, so that the old will live out their years, adults will be employed, and children will be educated. The sick, the disabled, the ones who live alone will be cared for. Men will have careers and women will have homes.  Resources will neither be wasted, nor be kept for oneself. Energy will not be idled nor will it be used only for oneself. People will refrain from scheming, stealing and other disturbances; their doors need not be locked. Such a society will have achieved great Equality. " - Confucius

Inspired by the educational reform ushered in at the state and city levels, and the rapid increase of Asian population, making it the third largest minority group behind Hispanic and African Americans, the conference would like to explore the challenges and opportunities facing the new Asian immigrants. Some of the questions to be addressed include the following:

What is the extent of school violence within the Asian American community?

How can the inter-racial relationships of Asian Americans be enhanced?

How does culture affect the development of Asian American communities?

How can the teaching of English to new immigrants be improved?

What are the current issues in Asian American student counseling?

What are the skills to advance Asian American leadership?

How can mass media bring the Asian American community out of cultural isolation?

What are the current research interests in Asian and Asian American studies
being promoted by the Asian American / Asian Research Institute?



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