Mary Ting, On Art: Grief,
Guanyin & the Elephants

by Mary Ting

[April 15, 2016]

6PM to 8PM

25 West 43rd Street, Room 1000
between 5th & 6th Avenues, Manhattan


Mary Ting will discuss her artwork in relationship to her family history, Chinese culture and current social environmental issues. Mary will highlight artworks that weave family stories of 1930/40s Nanjing, the witch hunts of the Cultural Revolution, and her mother’s recent passing. Along the way she will re-examine traditional symbols, literary metaphors and talk about grief, social status, Chinese consumers and endangered wildlife.

This highly personal lecture will provide the audience with a window to Mary Ting’s artistic process, thinking and philosophy. Mary Ting‘s art includes a variety of formats including drawing, cut paper, installation, sculpture, photography, and community projects.  Recent and ongoing social practice projects include Daffodil Ashes on Grief and Art with the Rubin Museum of Art and Compassion: for the Animals Great & Small, on wildlife trafficking at the Chinese American Arts Council, 456 Gallery in NYC. Her work as a curatorial consultant has included projects such as International Cultural Collaborations Tibet/NY artist project with the Trace Foundation and a series of photography exhibitions for UNICEF-China in Beijing.

As an educator Mary also wears multiple hats and teaches at John Jay College in the art department and also the Sustainability and Environmental Justice Program as well as the Transart Institute, NY/Berlin, MFA in Creative Practice. This lecture combines her varied experiences and would be of interest to a diverse audience.






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