2010 Census Hard-To-Count Interactive Map & New York City's Asian Population
Steven Romalewski & Howard Shih

[March 2, 2010]


Online Notes
Census 2010 Community Engagement Campaign
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The Census 2010 Hard-To-Count Interactive Map provides a powerful, interactive mapping tool for community groups, local governments, the media, public officials, and others to help boost participation in the 2010 Census.

The mapping site not only pinpoints census tracts that the U.S. Census Bureau considers difficult to enumerate, it also displays the detailed demographic and housing characteristics that the Census Bureau believes will create challenges to achieving an accurate count in certain communities, allowing census advocates to tailor their activities and messages to address specific barriers, such as language difficulties or low educational attainment.

The site provides interactive maps at the state, metropolitan area, county, and tract level, along with detailed statistics for each area.  You can search by address, city, county, and more, the maps allow you to add overlays showing Congressional districts, ZIP Codes, tract-level maps of 2000 Census mail return rates, and recent foreclosure risk.

The project is supported by the Hagdorn Foundation and is coordinated by the Funders Census Initiative.

The Asian American Federation is leading a grassroots Census 2010 campaign to build awareness and motivation to participate in the upcoming Census. The goal of the campaign is to encourage collaboration among all the Asian community organizations active in Census 2010 outreach and to help those organizations target hard to count Asian populations. Mr. Shih will discuss the impact of how data resources like the Census 2010 Hard-To-Count Interactive Map on outreach strategy.  Mr. Shih will also outline the re-granting initiative, the paid media campaign, and the direct outreach activities of the Federation around Census 2010.

URL: www.CensusHardToCountMaps.org




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