Ayurveda & Yoga:
India's Traditional Art Forms

by Joseph Aranha

[March 6, 2009]


Ayurveda which is India's traditional medicinal systems dates back 5000 years in recorded history. It is an indigenous medicinal system, which is always evolving and is a science which has been time tested. Ayurveda teaches one to learn to become one's own doctor so that when the 'doshas' (constitution types) go out of 'balance' the patients himself treats his problem to bring the doshas back into a state of balance. The learning and application of the principles of Ayurveda is based basically on 'preventative' care rather than on treatment after a problem has set in.

Yoga is another traditional art form which originated in India and is better known in the world of today than Ayurveda. Though separate systems they complement one another and work toward maintaining better health in an individual. The 'asanas' or postures are very invigorating, re-energizing and very down to earth when one understands the true concepts behind the practice. Again one will realize that this is a science as one gets deeper into the study of Yoga.




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