A Survey of Japanese and Japanese
Americans in the NY Area of
Their Awareness on Aging Issues
by Yumi Shindo, Aileen Yamaguchi & Kiyoka Koizumi

[September 28, 2007]


Online Notes
The Survey Concerning Awareness of Aging Issues Among
Japanese American in the New York Area

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Over the last few decades, the number of Japanese who live in the tri state area have been increasing, reaching almost 70,000, according to the 2004 data of the Consulate of Japan in NY.  It has been speculated that the number of the Japanese who are spending their later years in the tri state area, is also on the rise.

In 2006, with the sponsorship of the Consulate of Japan in NYC, the Committee on Aging Issues of the Japanese American Association of New York (JAA) conducted a survey of Japanese and Japanese Americans in the NY area of their awareness on aging issues, targeting those who are age 50 and over.

The major goal of the survey was to identify needs of the Japanese elderly, as well as “near-elderly” who live in the Metropolitan NY area.  The data are to be used by the Japanese government as well as other public, private sectors to plan for programs in order to accommodate these identified needs now and for the future.

Between Jan. 22 – Feb.16, 2006, 8196 survey forms were distributed and 1882 usable replies were returned.  This is the first time that any scientific data collection of Japanese population in NY area was implemented.  Information was collected, compiled and analyzed on: demographic data,  living arrangements, health status, financial situations,  plans for the future,  requests to the Japanese government and more.




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