The Making of Asian American
Community Democracy:
Rebuilding Chinatown in Post 9-11

by Edward Ma

[September 21, 2007]


Online Notes
The Making of Asian American Community Democracy:
Rebuilding Chinatown in Post 9-11

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In witnessing the collapse of the World Trade Center, Psychotherapist Edward Ma was determined to do some healing for himself and the Chinatown community since September 11, 2001. In this presentation, Mr. Ma will discuss how he has engaged himself as a volunteer in healing himself by/and promoting participation in community democracy (voter registration for self-empowerment), in community healing, for rebuilding Chinatown and mainstreaming. 

By taking advantage of his broad interests in art, culture, architecture, transportation, designing the development of water front, public space and sidewalk safety, and ecological harmony, Mr. Ma has participated in various reconstruction projects from the reduction of Canal Street congestion to Empire Zone, from receiving group psychotherapy himself to conducting group sessions for other 9/11 victims.

During the process of rebuilding, Mr. Ma will illustrate how the Chinatown community has gradually achieved consolidation through diversity for unity in building a political leverage power for the first time in 150 years, by sponsoring a Democratic Mayoral Candidate Debate with ensuing press conference by the Governor and Mayor. This political empowerment has been executed through participation of grass roots leaders, voter registration and community agencies. 

In order to make better utilization of all the accessible resources,  Edward Ma recommends a democratic decision-making process established in all community agency boards, and a community council with hiring a professional manager. Thus we could build a democratic community with quality of living. Mr. Ma's slogans are participating, sharing, volunteering and healing.






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