by Rishi S. Raj

[April 23, 2004]


Prof. Rishi Raj will give a preview of his upcoming book on "Balance." Science has used this concept to derive many significant laws applicable to inanimate objects. These laws have lead to new technologies providing many comforts to humans.


What is Balance in humans? Can it be achieved? Can Balance lead humans to individual success, healthy bodies, a peaceful society and world? The role of various issues of visible (physical) and invisible nature (meta-physical) such as: Fifth Dimension, Timeless, Soul Connection, and Jinns, Faith and God, Inception of Disease and Intelligence will be discussed for understanding of Balance and causes of unbalance in humans. Is heaven possible on this earth of universe?

Based on fifth dimension concept and evolution of universe, it will be shown how inception of disease can be projected by observing the changes in human behavior, and drop in intelligence. Twenty-eight other parameters will be identified which one needs to consider to achieve ultimate Balance.






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