Beyond National and Ethnic Boundaries:
The Inside Story of Mother Earth

Nehru E. Cherukupalli

[May 23, 2003]


Ethnic Boundaries between communities are age old. Geographic boundaries are established by nature. National boundaries are established on the basis of nationalities that control the land, the people and the natural resources of the land. Mother Earth has other boundaries that are important but not realized by most people except the geologists and those working with them. Mining laws have their own boundaries.

The Center of the Earth is the deepest point inside. It is more than four thousand miles from the surface. Nobody has been there and the chances of anybody physically going there are very remote. There are many reasons for this: the temperature, the pressure and other physical conditions prevent us from reaching or probing this place. Also, our technology is not ready for this adventure. There are other considerations, such as political rivalries, ambitions and prestige of the leading countries that get in the way. The noble thought of learning about what is underneath our own feet started with the scientific curiosity. Project “ Mohole ” - named after the Croatian seismologist Mohorovičić, and launched by scientists, was the first step in learning about the interior of the earth.  Mohorovičić was the first to discover the boundary between the crust and mantle of the Earth. 

To date, we have made only limited progress in learning about the interior of the Earth.  Our deepest mine is only about 2 miles deep (Kolar Gold Fields, India). The deepest borehole is only about 8 miles deep – Kola Peninsula, USSR. While our progress in this direction is very limited (8 miles down and only 3992 more to go!) we have made tremendous progress in going into space. We have been to the moon and back and now we are reaching for the other heavenly bodies. One might wonder why. The reasons for may not be obvious to most people.

The details of this topic will be examined in this presentation with special reference to the layers of the Earth under own feet that transgress ethnic, geographic and national boundaries.






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