Sunrise On Mulberry Street
by Tom Tam

[November 8, 2002]

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This narrative feature movie is shot with a mini-digital video camera, with a volunteer cast and crew for most of whom, this is their first feature length movie.

"The tragic suicide of two Chinese American sisters 20 years ago shocked the residents of Chinatown and struck a chord with many immigrant families.  Today the story is the basis for the micro-budgeted "Sunrise on Mulberry Street" from Oishi Movies Inc...The movie is a fictionalized account based on the true story.  Tam's version portrays the struggling Szeto family, in which the father pressures his son to be successful and his daughters to adhere to strict Chinese values.  The family confronts cultural and generational problems, which eventually leads to the dramatic end...Jackson Ning, who plays a leading role as the father, is a friend of Tam's who had never acted.  'Most of the people had never acted before, and all of them had never done a feature movie before, but it turned out very well.  It made the movie more real.'  Tam said.  'And a lot of it was luck.  During the scene where the girls jump off the roof, it was so real that the people in the building and across the street called the police.  By that time, we had finished shooting, but I said: 'Wait, let's use this,'  so we filmed the real police arriving.  In a sense, we were very lucky, and it added even more to the realism in the film.'"----- from The Villager, January 27, 1999, by Rebecca Little.

FACTS: Sunrise On Mulberry Street
A Big Movie by a small camera!

  • This narrative feature movie, including titles and credits is 102 minutes long.
  • It is shot with a mini-digital video camera which weights 5lbs.
  • For movement shots, a light plastic steadycam was used.
  • The script took a year to complete, from start to finish.
  • Actual production took six weeks, mostly on weekends.
  • Rough edit took a month, on AVID Media Composer 1000
  • Final edit took a week, shaving 20 minutes off the rough cut.
  • Location used include Chinatown in New York and Jones Beach.
  • All cast and crew are volunteers.
  • All locations are offered pro bono.
  • This is the first public performance for Jackson Ning who plays Mr. Szeto.
  • For most of the cast and crew, this is their first feature length movie.






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