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Asian American Leadership in CUNY

  11/22: Asian American Executives Are
  Missing on Wall Street
  11/22: James B. Milliken Stepping
  Down As CUNY Chancellor End of
  Academic Year
  11/22: Lack of AAS Program Leaves AA
  Pushing for Representation
  11/22: UWM Needs Hmong American
  Studies Program
  11/22: DSG Votes to Support AAS
  Program at Duke
  11/22: Petition for Harvard Race and
  Ethnicity Center Draws Support
  11/22: Immigrants Anxiously Await
  Citizenship As Processing Times
  11/22: AA Arrested at Paul Ryan's Office
  Pushing for Dream Act
  11/22: Princeton AAS program to be
  created by Sept 2018

  11/22: Asst Professor, AA Studies

  11/27: The Power of She - Multiculatural
  Women as Consumers, Voters &
  12/2: A4 Holiday Town Hall

  12/8: Addressing Mental Health in
  NYC's Asian Communities

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  Spring 2017
  CUNY Thomas Tam Scholarship
Winner Selected

  Fall 2017
  CUNY Ethics and Morality
  Essay Contest
  Winners Selected

  October 19, 2017
Screening - Snakeheads: Chinese
  Mafia & the New Slave Trade
  Museum of Chinese in America
  Q&A Video Online

  November 8, 2017
The Limits of Whiteness: Iranian
  Americans and the Everyday Politics of
  City College of New York

  November 30, 2017
  AAARI 16th Annual Gala

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  Journal Ad Deadline: 11/17/17

  May 25, 2018
CUNY Asian American Film Festival


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Evening Lecture Series
November 10, 2017
Multilingual Trends in a Globalized World: Prospects and Challenges
Navin K. Singh

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Upcoming Lecture
December 1, 2017
Fashion, Identity, and Power in Modern Asia: The Modernization of Dresses and Cultural Cross-dressing
Kyunghee Pyun


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March 16, 2017
Unsettled: The Cambodian
Refugee in the NYC Hyperghetto

May 23, 2017
Building Coalitions & Coalescing a Pan-Asian/Pacific/American Identity


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