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2017 Summer/Fall

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Asian American Leadership in CUNY

  2/21: How Myths About Asian-
  Americans Prevent Them from
  Receiving Much-Needed Services
  2/21: Struggles of Asian-Americans
  Tackling Pov
erty, Overcrowding in Their
The Need for Investments to Help

2/21: 4 Asian-American Politicians You
  Need to Know About
  2/21: Presidential Message in
  Celebration of the Lunar New Year
  2/21: Overview of Korean Immigrants'
  Health in the US

  2/23: Cal State Fullerton Establishes
  Asian American Studies Dept

2/21: WHIAAPI Summer Internship
  2/21: Documenting Maritime
  Environments in Wales, UK

2/22: Saturday Academy Instructor
  2/22: Tenure Track Faculty AA Studies

  2/22: Race Flicks - Call for

  2/25: Patriotism (Short by Mishima) and
  Mishima - A Life in Four Chapters

: Peace in Korea Beyond the
  Olympics: A Conversation with Korean
  American Experts for US-North Korea

  3/2: Screening - The Chinese Exclusion
East Coast Asian American
  Student Union Conference
  3/4: Hinamatsuri - Doll Festival

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  December 1, 2017
Leading Women: Political and Civic

  Video Online

  March 2, 2018
CUNY Asian Faculty & Staff:
  Spring Festival Reception

  March 9, 2018
A Suitable Girl: Screening and
  Discussion with Sarita Khurana


  March 27, 2018
From 'Women on the Loose' to 'Women
  in the Lead': Indian Nurses Navigate
  the International Division of Nursing
  CUNY GC Immigration Seminar Series

  March 31, 2018
Before Solidarity: The Role of Business
  in Building Interethnic and Racial
  AAAS Conference

  May 25, 2018
CUNY Asian American Film Festival
  Submissions Due: 4/30/18

  Spring 2018
  CUNY Thomas Tam Visiting Professor
  in Asian American Studies
  Applications Due: 4/15/18

  Spring 2018
  CUNY Thomas Tam Scholarship
  Applications Due: 6/30/18


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Evening Lecture Series
March 9, 2018
Gentrification and the Future of Work in New York City's "Chinatowns"
Tarry Hum

Video Online

Upcoming Lecture
March 16, 2018
Living Akido Life (Documentary)
Bogdan Heretoiu


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May 23, 2017
Building Coalitions & Coalescing a Pan-Asian/Pacific/American Identity

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CUNY Ethics and Morality
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November 30, 2017
AAARI 16th Annual Gala


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